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I love love love Dr. LaCognata and his staff. He is down to earth and an exceptional surgeon. He listens to you and genuinely cares about wanting to do the best for patients.

- Anonymous Patient

Dr LaCognata is patient, thorough, kind, professional, reassuring- I could go on and on. He is a specialists specialist. He fixes what other surgeons screwed up. He made a very big deal as easy as it could have been. ( i do agree his phone/answering system can be a pain-keep trying or hit an ext.)

- Kim Clark

Love Dr. LaCognata! He did right hip replacement in 2015 when I lived in AZ. Moved to MD. In 2017, left hip yelled at me. Feb 2018, saw surgeon in MD, thought "He is NOT Dr. LaCognata!" Called his office, flew to AZ in March for initial consultation, drove 2700 mi. in June for surgery, drove home end of Aug, am back to work walking dogs and driving kids--I am 73. Had awesome surgeon, rehab, home, outpatient PT & I did my part by following Dr.'s orders

- Nancy Fairchild

Dr Lacognata was a rock during my 3 knee operations. He analyzed my problems and offered and delivered a real solution each time. I would recommend his services for anyone.


Two years ago Dr Lacognata replaced my right knee. I was 50 with little to no cartilage left and was in constant pain. My first meeting with him he listened tentatively to my symptoms, identified my options, and patiently answered all of my questions. It was nice that he offered solutions without pushing me to make my decision. The day of surgery, he explained everything that would happen and put me at ease. Recovery was a challenge, but nothing was unexpected; and the aftercare was phenomenal!

- Stacy Kellow

The best surjeon in the world. Both prosthetic knees replaced. Left than right. Than left knee bursa removal. I have arthritis. Sal gives you possitive hope, lets you know I can replace your joints but you have to put the work into you to get limber , and your mobility back. I is not a walk in the park .five star plus.

- Daian Ganzon

Dr Lacognata is an awesome Dr. He has a great relationship with his patients and I trust him unconditionally. Best ortho Dr in Az

- Deborah Dease

I had total knee replacement surgery in 2006. I could not be happier with the quality of treatment from Dr. Lacognata. I was able to resume normal activities, totally pain free, within a matter of weeks after the surgery. Ten years later my life is not impacted by any knee pain. He is an outstanding surgeon and I heartily recommend him.

- Dan

Super professional, explained in detail hip surgery and options. Very up front and honest approach to all phases.

- Casa Grande

Dr. Lacognata, is the gentleman of doctors. He cuts no slack in his diagnosis and takes the time to make sure you understand your problem. He takes the time to know you and reasures you that the problem can and will be taken care the best it can be. He is well appreciated by myself and family in his treatment of my surgery.

- Anonymous Patient

Dr LaCognata was involved in every aspect of my knee replacement, from pre-op consultation, through surgery and post op. I was very impressed with his professionalism and the proverbial bedside mannerhe exhibited. He is a caring professional whose concern for this patient went above and beyond. Both my wife and I have had total knee replacement done by Dr. LaCognata and consider him a great choice.

- Anonymous Patient

Dr. La Cognata is one of the best orthopaedic's I have seen in my 38years of having bone problems. Started when I was 16, have seen "experts" in the field, ie, Chief of Orthopaedics, Univ of Chicago, have had surgery by him, had surgery with Chicago WHITE SOX team surgeon. I have a very complicated hip. 5 surgeries on my hip with the last surgery done by La Cognata, he is the only reason I can walk, at all. He is very pleasant and cares about his patients and has given me the best care ever! I would not trust my hips with anybody else.

- Anonymous Patient

I had a pretty rare bone disorder that had left me very incapacitated the majority of my life. Dr.Lacognata was the only doctor who was willing to take on the challenge. He did an amazing job and I am now able to walk without the use of a wheel chair or crutches. Thank you so much!

- Anonymous Patient

I should have written this 6 months ago! Dr. Lacognata performed my hip replacement surgery last December. It only took one visit to his office for my diagnosis. I was previously going to another doctor in Scottsdale who kept giving me one steroid shot after another, despite me telling him the excruciating pain I was in! I highly recommend Valley Bone and Joint Specialists! They are kind, compassionate, and professional. I feel very fortunate to have found them!

- Valerie Schuetta

I'm 7 weeks post right hip replacement and looking forward to left knee replacement on 3/12. My hip is totally healed and post surgical soreness gone. Physical therapy is preparing me for knee surgery. Will be scheduling right knee replacement by Summer. It is my personal opinion Dr. Salvatore LaCognata is the absolute best orthopedic surgeon. From my first visit forward he has been exceedingly open and honest about what I could expect from him in and out of the hospital. He never let me down. He's a man of his word. There are not enough kudos and accolades for me to express my satisfaction. (^.^)

- Lucie Marie Vander Linden

I had knee surgery done with this office a couple weeks ago. My office visit was great, Dr. spent a lot of time listening and explaining things. Surgery went good, my recovery was 100x better than my last knee surgery recovery. I just had my follow up visit. I love that Dr. takes the time to talk to me, he showed me pictures from my surgery, he explained everything so well, he didnt send me for PT that I dont need. I am very happy with everything.

- Megan Dunn

I will say by far Dr. LaCognata is the beat surgeon i have ever had in my life. He has a real passion to help people have a life worth living and with as little to no pain. Dr. L has giving me a life worth living.

- Gayle Brumley

I want to tell everyone about Valley Bone and Joint Specialists in Gilbert, Arizona. One of their specialists, Dr. LaCognata, has performed multiple surgeries on my daughter's knees and legs. She has very complex problems with her legs that a lot of surgeons wouldn't know how to approach. I don't believe she'd still be walking if it wasn't for Dr. Lacognata's surgical interventions. I met some of his support staff when I was in Phoenix visitng my daughter. Becca and Raylynn both impressed me with their perfect blend of friendliness and profesionalism. I highly recommend Valley Bone and Joint and Dr. LaCognata to anyone requiring specialized surgery on their legs.

- Katherine Dimitri

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